Be or Becoming ?

From our early childhood , we all are taught to become something . Our mind is programmed in such a way that you are not good as you are right now , but you will ok if do this or that. That’s why we are not satisfied with what we have , we always aspire to become something. It is good to improve yourself but first be yourself.

Don’t try to become something , just be yourself first. It is not one time process. It can happen gradually or can take life time or even many birth. It is internal journey.

First take time for yourself. See your actions , reactions ( both internally and externally ). After you will understand your pattern of mind. It takes time but it will worth to know yourself.

P.S – know thyself is an destructive process , it will destroy your ego, haterd , anger and any other negativity.

Silence .

” listen to silence it has so much to say “- Rumi .

In this period , we all are running here and there just to avoid silence of moment.Silence means no noise external and most importantly internal. Have you ever felt such silence ? Where you are as you are. In that silence , truth happens.then you are in state of oneness.

To be in silence is so simple that’s why it is too hard . Don’t try any posture or any method or any pattern. Just try to be in that moment. If you practice this , all other things happens to you automatically . Life will give you sheer joy and freedom. The more you go in , the more you experience it.

P.S – Silence is not an philosophy , it is an state of your own being..